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Meet Bill – our print & design manager who still remembers how graphic design was done when computers have not existed as his design experience reaches 35 years. Nothing is complete here at Iceberg without his approval, so you are in good hands. Oh yeah, he has also seen half of the world, so his creativity is a collection of sights coming from many places. Not only experienced but also full of new inspirations.



Modesta is a whirlwind - always on the go! She is our enthusiastic marketing assistant from Lithuania - she keeps Iceberg alive by keeping the community up to date with our work. Modesta is also in her last year of studying Communication with Public Relations. She is always eager to help out wherever possible and is full of enthusiasm.       



Iain – Iceberg’s heart and soul, he has been part of this team from the start. His official title says that he’s a financial administrator but, to be honest, he is doing mostly everything at Iceberg. He folds, he staples, he cleans and he’s the only one who knows how to use ‘the guillotine’ properly. He says, he is a master of sarcasm but, actually, he is more a master of finding cookies and being nice.

If you email us, expect to get a response from Iain – only sweet and short.



Natalia is a recent HND Visual Communication graduate from Aberdeen College. She might seem shy at first but don’t be tricked by it! She is full of fresh ideas, innovation and artistic skills. Her Chilean blood keeps her passionate at all times. Try to take away her computer, pencils and pens, and don’t be surprised when you’ll find her drawing with coal.

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